2007 – T-Team ( 52×13 tv series by Lorenzo Paoli and Flavia scuderi – Cartobaleno snc production) story editor.


2006 – Rat-Man ( 52×13 tv series by Leo Ortolani – Stranemani/Rai production) writing director, story editor and animation supervisor.
The funny adventures of an inept superhero.


2005 – Quantoon (40′ interactive educational-flash) subject, script, direction, and animation. A cartoon about quantum mechanics, showing the trip of the Schrodinger’s cat in the amazing quantum world, following a foton.

2005 – Le Ali della Qualità (20′ docu-fiction) by Stranemani, a Regione Toscana production. Direction: Massimo Montigiani; script: Vieri Bufalari, Marco Messeri, Cristina Seravalli.
Art director and character designer of the animated part: Cristina Seravalli.
The old and the new way to cultivate in Tuscan and the story of a nowadays peasant.


others works made under Stranemani srl

– Opopomoz (feature film by Enzo D’Alò), animator and in-betweening supervisor

– Buongiorno Mattina by Piero Pelù, background artist

– Fascisti su Marte ( feature film by Corrado Guzzanti), background artist and animation supervisor


Unpublished Projects

7-2 ( seven minus two )The amazing adventures of the Boones brothers waiting for their parents to come back home. They can solve problems on their own, without involving adults, always so busy and distracted –concept creation and development and character design by myself.

Gigi’s big family- Gigi the gnome and his extended family, composed of numerous little animals, attentively keep an eye on their orchard, to protect it from Wanda, the greedy and avid mole, and ”Crossed Eyed”, the vindictive caterpillar, boss of the “grubby grubs”.

Gothica (tv series 26X26) concept creator and development and character design by myself. Graphics by Massimo Montigiani.
Besides going to school, Anna- with her skills and scientific knowledge- and Jano – the secret keeper of the Gipsy tradition-, together reveal the secrets of the wicked world hidden behind reality and defeat the evil.



Cromosoma – Triplets ( tv serie), Nike – SPQR (commercial 6×6), Zucchero – Babooomba (videoclip), 883 Fri srl – la Regina del Celebrità (videoclip), Enzo d’Alò – Opopomoz (feature film), De Mas&Partners – Il Caimano Coriolano (videoclip), Corto Maltese ( tv serie) and others.